Product 38 – NAPA Fuel Filter


Product 38 – NAPA Fuel Filter for all Ducatis with Fuel Pumps


I’ve been using NAPA fuel filters for over 20 years in the shop. Their fuel filters are as good as the OEM filters, at about 25% of the cost. One of the concerns about the NAPA filter is that it doesn’t have the same overall outside diameter, creating fitment problems in some Ducks. I simply angle the securing bracket around the center band of the filter.

The gallery picture shows a NAPA filter and an OEM filter. Notice the center ring of the NAPA filter. It is the same diameter as the outside of the OEM filter.

NOTE1: Secure the NAPA filter in the fuel pump assembly of Superbikes and ST models assembly by angling the clamp around the center ring of the NAPA filter.

NOTE2: The MTS1200 and many later models take a smaller filter. The napa fuel filter is incompatible with the MTS1200.

NOTE3: Check the OD of your OEM filter. If it’s smaller than 2″ OD of the NAPA filter, then you’ll have use the OEM filter available from dealers…. at a much higher price.

Q: LT, the OEM filter is plastic and the napa filter is steel. Isn’t that a problem if it begins to rust.
A: Actually I prefer a steel filter. If the filter begins to rust that’s a sign that water is in the fuel. If steel rusted inside a fuel bath, all steel tanks would rust out. I shine a flashlight in the gas tank periodically to see if the fuel filter is still shiny. This isn’t possible on all models. Either way, I have these filters in all of my Ducs, and have for decades.

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