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Product 72 – Cam Wheel Lock Tool


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Our cam wheel lock tool holds the intake cam wheel in place during cam belt installation. Essential tool for cam belt replacement/valve adjustment operations on all 4-valve Ducatis except Panigale and DVT engines. Select the proper tool for your application.

NOTE1: The tool only locks the intake cam in place. The exhaust cam needs to be able to rotate slightly when installing the belts. The tool is only necessary on the vertical (rear) cylinder.

NOTE2: This tool will NOT work on Panigale and  DVT engines. 

NOTE3: Some 748 and S4/S4R models had the “ST” head. It’s easy to tell which head you have. Look at the left side of the head between the cams and note the # of bolts on the cover plate that hides the rocker pins. If you have 4 bolts (1 on each corner) you have a 916-style head. If you have 5 bolts (top left and right, bottom left right + 1 centered and hidden behind the oil line) you have an ST head.


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Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × .3 in

Type of Cam Wheel Lock

Cam Wheel Lock Type

749-998-999-1098-1198, 851-888-748-916-996, ST4-ST4S