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Shipping & Returns FAQ

EMS offers two methods of shipment via our online storefront:

  • Domestic Shipments (within the USA) – US Postal Service Priority or Express Service
  • International Shipments (outside the USA) – USPS to Canada, all else DHL only

Domestic Shipments (inside USA):

Flat Rate Mail

Typically an order for a Shim Kit or Individual Shims costs about $11 to ship anywhere in the US and takes 2 to 3 days delivery. All Domestic orders are shipped USPS Priority or USPS Express.  The cost of the package increases with the weight. So over 2 lbs cost a little more depending on the distance.

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Express Mail

A Shim Kit or individual shims and most items under 2 lbs costs about $22.00. If the package is mailed from the post office before 2 pm, it usually gets delivered the next day. Sometimes it takes two days.  Customers are responsible for all mailing addresses. USPS will attempt delivery but if the address is invalid and the product gets lost, no refund will be tendered. This includes products returned to us as Non-Deliverable due to deficient/undeliverable addresses. Customers are responsible that valid addresses be provided. Additionally, any returned items are subject to a 15% restocking fee. Returned items must be in “as-new” condition in order to qualify for a refund.

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International Shipments (outside USA):

DHL Express

For most of Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, 1lb and under costs about $43.00. From 2 to 5 lb costs about $58.00. Transit time is about 4 days.

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Other options (FedEx and UPS) are available upon request. Email us for details.

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